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We Are

Just 3 guys who love sports and BBQ

Hi! We’re We’re a small group of friends who got fed up with existing betting sites, and decided to make one of our own. Our goal was to create an online resource made by sports fans, for sports fans- a place dedicated to all things sports betting.

Our Story

Here's how it all started...

When three friends came up with an idea for a betting site, none of them were completely sure it would become a reality.

After all, they were a couple beers in and already in the third quarter when the subject came up. It turned out each of them had considered putting money down on the game that day, but no one had gotten around to it for different reasons. For John- a smart, savvy developer who knew plenty about how the internet works- the idea of providing his credit card number before even placing what would have been his very first bet made him nervous. Robert, who had bet before, had been researching a new sportsbook online- but found the reviews he read were completely different. Some were so off-kilter, it made him wonder whether the sportsbooks themselves had had a say in how they were written. In the end, he was too frustrated to put down any money at all! Richard, ever the shrewd financial expert, had been thinking of trying out a new betting strategy he’d recently heard of in search of a bigger pay day. In the end, he didn’t want to risk losing over a technicality, or because he didn’t know exactly what he was doing. All three knew they could get more out of watching the game by betting, and they each felt sure they’d be able to make a profit under the right circumstances.

By the time the game had finished, they had a solution. They’d combine their skills to create an online sports betting resource- made for and by passionate sports fans. A place to get information about how and where to bet, to find out about the best betting offers and opportunities, and research important topics like bet types, strategies, and more. They would publish their own sportsbook reviews, so that bettors could make smart, well-informed choices about who to trust- starting from their very first bet.

We’re proud that this idea has come to fruition- and we’re stoked you’ve found your way here! Look around. You’ll find everything you need to get started, and to navigate your own personal journey through the ever-expanding online betting landscape.

Thanks for stopping by- and happy betting!

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