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5 Most Common Withdrawal Issues & How To Deal With Them

Many-a punter has come across issues or problems withdrawing funds at some point in their sports betting careers, so to help you try and avoid the most common pitfalls, we at Sports Betting Focus have listed and broken them down for you below!

Info Snafu

When the banking information you put on your sports betting account is incorrect, you’re obviously going to encounter some problems. Usually, if your account info is incorrect then you won’t even be able to deposit money in the first place so this is a pretty uncommon problem for punters that are at the withdrawal stage. The money can either bounce back into your account or it could go somewhere else, so it’s important to double-check all that info when first setting up your account.

Internet Issue

A poor internet connection has become the bane of many a-first world sports bettor’s existences. One of the worst aspects of experiencing internet issues while sports betting is having your withdrawal request repeatedly timeout because of the bad connection. Close tabs, unplug, and replug your router if internet issues continue. Sportsbooks will be down for maintenance from time to time as well.

Bank Blunder

This is an issue that you’re unlikely to deal with while making a withdrawal but more so when depositing. Some banks do not always accept larger deposits from offshore sportsbooks and will simply refund your deposit back into your account when this situation arises.

Suspect Activity

Making too many withdrawals can draw unwanted attention to a sports bettor. Processing withdrawals costs the sportsbooks money so they will sometimes stop you from making too many transactions in a given period of time. Too many transactions with a sportsbook could also raise red flags with the governing body of the state where you live, as banks can sometimes forward account details with suspicious activity to the higher authorities. Limit yourself to 1-2 withdrawals a week to stay safe.


This is the most extreme of the issues and occurs only when a sportsbook believes you to be a fraudulent user. This would usually constitute misrepresenting where your place of residence is or your age if you’re a minor. Creating multiple accounts with one book to try and take advantage of more bonuses and offers can also get your account removed and you blacklisted so be careful with that as well.

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