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Free Picks vs. Paid Picks

Paid picks are just what they sound like: sports betting picks that you have to pay for. It’s basically trusting in a tout or a handicapper that they’ve done the right research and are giving you good betting suggestions.

These often come in the form of picks services, where users will subscribe to get picks for any given day, week, month, or year during a season. You can purchase picks on every major sport including NBA games, NFL games, MLB, NHL, soccer, and NCAA football and basketball. You can also find picks services that offer handicapping on WNBA, CFL, and UFC as well, though they are less common.

After paying for the subscription for the picks service, you still have to put up your own money to actually make bets, so it’s almost like paying twice to make a bet. Unless you’ve come across a particularly reliable sharp, it’s probably best to stick with the cheaper alternative.

And by cheaper alternative, we mean free. Many different sportsbooks and sports betting sites—such as Sports Betting Focus—have started sharing free betting picks to help those that don’t want to pay up just for some advice that usually has a 50/50 chance of working out.

Best to save that money and use it directly on your bets. And if you do need a little nudge in the right direction or a few suggestions, check out Sports Betting Focus’ awesome free picks section!

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