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The NBA is also very popular for punters, and it’s growing very fast in North America and around the world, not only on the court but in the sportsbooks as well. Here are a few caveats to look out for when betting on the NBA:

  1. NBA teams play pretty much every other day during the regular season so there’s a lot more travelling for basketball players than in some other sports. This means that there are often some ‘scheduled losses’ where teams are really up against it because of unfortunate travel timing.
  2. Alternative point total betting is a much more attractive endeavor for NBA bettors: because there are so many points scored, a little adjustment up or down on the set point total won’t shaft your payout like it would with the NFL.
  3. Basketball is a sport run by the stars, so when a star player takes a night off or gets hurt, it has a huge effect on the lines for that player’s team’s upcoming games.
  4. Lines usually only come out two days or the day before the actual game in the NBA, so you see a lot less variance on the lines that you would in the NFL where the lines are up for a full week.

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