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What are Parlay Calculators?

A Parlay Calculator is pretty much the same thing as an odds calculator, only for parlays. Since the odds for parlays are much more difficult to calculate manually than for single bets—whose odds are given to you directly—Parlay Calculators are used pretty commonly no matter the person’s betting experience.

Many sportsbooks will show you odds for a prospective parlay as you’re putting it together, but if your sports betting site doesn’t do that, a parlay calculator can be very helpful. All you have to do is simply input the odds for each leg of your parlay and the stake you want to put down and voila, you’ll have your total odds for that parlay and your payout in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

If you want to calculate your parlay payout manually you just have to find a way to convert your odds to a decimal format. From there, you multiply the odds of each leg of your parlay by one another to get your multiplier. You then multiply your bet stake by that multiplier and then subtract your initial stake to get the parlay payout.

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