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What is a Prop Bet?

While the prop bet is the most flexible of the sports betting markets you’re likely to find, its definition is pretty simple: a prop—or proposition—wager is one whose success is not tied to the outcome or final score of the event at hand. That means that the possibilities are sometimes seemingly endless.

Say we’re talking NCAA football, then you might have any number of props related such things as; how many points each team might score individually, what the score will be after each quarter, who will win each quarter, how many sacks each team will get, over/under how many yards a player might get, whether or not a player will score, and many more.

And that’s just a one sport example. If you’re betting on the UFC you’ll come across props such as method of victory or length of the fight among others, if you’re betting on the MLB, it might be how many strikeouts a certain pitcher gets or whether a player steals a base, if it’s soccer you can bet on whether a player will get a yellow card or if a player will be the first to score.

Depending on which sportsbook you’re betting with and how silly you want to get, you can find a bet on nearly any outcome. Well, that’s true and not true.

The bigger the event, the more props you’re likely to find. For example, the NFL’s Super Bowl, which is the class of North American sports events for bettors, will often have dozens of quirky prop bets attached to it such as how long the anthem will go or which color Gatorade will be tossed on the winning coach.

With prop bets, the options are endless, which is why they are mostly the territory of confident and well-versed bettors. There is always value to be found among the prop bets for any events, all it takes is a keen eye to find those mismatches or undervalued betting markets that offer a chance to find that value.


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