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What are Odds Boosts?

The Odds Boost is one of the newer types of bonuses that only started popping up recently, after the legalization of gambling in many US states. An odds boost is exactly what it sounds like: the odds on a certain prop or market will be juiced for certain bets.

All sportsbooks, casinos, and sports betting sites incorporate a built-in house edge into all of their betting markets so as to help ensure that they’re making a profit on every bet sometimes called the vig or vigorish

This is the reason that regular spread bets and props where the lines are equal are nearly always between -105 and -120. A regular bet with the vig means if you win you’re usually winning around 90 percent of your original stake.

Odds boosts move the odds in favor of the bettor, so what sportsbooks are doing with an odds boost is removing some or all of the vig from the odds of certain betting markets such as moneyline, totals, point spreads, or certain player or team prop bets. This gives the bet juiced odds, which results in more betting value and a more lucrative overall payout.

These types of bonuses are almost always limited time offers, as the sportsbook looks to draw betting attention to a certain event or market happening the day of the odds boost. They will usually be set up to create more betting buzz around the day or night’s biggest draw.

For those that like to play the field and bet with several different books, a smart thing to do would be to create a Twitter list of all the sportsbook accounts that offer odds boosts so you never miss a chance to take advantage of the added value!

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